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White Collar/Elementary crossover ficlet

This is for leesa_perrie, who gets what she asks for, though probably not in the way she expects!! He he! Here you go, one WC/E crossover!

Elementary Collar
by Jayne Perry

Neal looked up from the broken jewellery display case to see a man watching him. What was most disconcerting was the way the man seemed to be taking him in, studying him and for the first time since Mrs Malone, his all seeing, all knowing kindergarten teacher, Neal felt self conscious. He had to resist the urge to pick up a diamond and test the watcher's limits, or stick his tongue out at him

"Ah, Sherlock," Peter's voice boomed across the room, "The store told me you were coming, as their independent investigator. We're still trying to work out how the diamond on loan from the South African Embassy was stolen."

Neal's shoulders slumped on hearing who the strange visitor was, knowing that even if he saw a stray diamond in the corner, the chances of retrieving it were pretty much nil. But that didn't mean he couldn't have fun with the great detective, as his eyes scanned around the room to see what mischief he could make.

"I wouldn't if I were you." Neal jumped as the voice sounded next to his ear, suddenly realising how close the detective had moved towards him.

'Shit!' He swore to himself, as all hope of having fun fled from his mind.

Mar. 6th, 2012

A friend keeps giving me prompts. What do you do when you get given 'Dames really could hurt a guy with just words, make you feel like the world just went topsy turvy and left sanity on the other side' as a prompt? Let the madness take over.

The PI sat at his desk, or more precisely leant back in his chair, with his feet on the desk and a half smoked cigarette hanging out of his mouth.

Dames really could hurt a guy with just words, make you feel like the world just went topsy turvy and left sanity on the other side, he thought to himself as he watched his blond bombshell secretary exit his office. Was it his fault they hadn’t had a case in weeks or that she wouldn’t go out with him?

Taking another drag on his cigarette, he slid his feet off his desk and moved over to the door but stopped to listen to his secretary’s phone conversation through the opaque glass window.

“Hello Dick, I have another case for you. Interested?”

And then it all clicked together for the PI - no cases, his secretary not even giving him the time of day. She was dating Dick Tracy!

Source Code

Source Code

Do NOT read if you have any intention of watching it!!!!

I went with some friends to watch Source Code and I enjoyed it …….. up until the end!

The scenario is, a Source Code (someone who is more dead than alive …. Well dead, except for some residual brain activity) can be sent back to a ‘shadow’ (I’d call it an echo) of what has gone before. So we’re talking parallel universes here, a subject I love.

However, we’re talking Hollywood here, so thrown in a love interest …… OMG love interest, we’d better make it have a happy ending …….. and leave it open in case the film is so popular, we can do a sequel!!!

The love interest, I don’t have the problem with, even the story was great.…….. It’s the ending I wish had been done different, like ending it 5 minutes earlier.

In order to go back, a captain (Jake Gyllenhall) finds himself in the body of a teacher who is travelling on the train and has to find out who bombed it. Now, once he had completes his mission it’s agreed that he go back to the train, one last time to save the people on it and the machine keeping him ‘alive’ is turned off. This happens and everything freezes, but does the film end there? Which to me would have been the perfect place, therefore allowing you to make your own ending. Nope, the time line resets itself, therefore allowing the Captain to carry on living in the body of the teacher (Sean) and you assume, going off to India with his new lady love.

Cutesy ending, no thought to the fact that the Captain now has to live his life as someone else.  What about the teacher’s family? Will he ignore them? Won’t they find it strange when suddenly he forgets things, he should know, like his families birthdays? How can you live yourself as someone else and what happened to Sean, the body he inhabits?

All the loose threads are tied up, and everything is too neat. So instead of coming out with thoughts and ideas zooming through your head, imagination flaring and knowing it had a great ending, you come out feeling,’ that was good, now where did I leave the car?’

A fun film, just a shame about the sour after taste.



What is it with numbers and my family????????

Both my parents were born on prime numbers - 13 and 23
Me and my siblings are square roots - 9, 16, 25 (the square root of  3, 4 and 5)
My birthday is the 16th, my husbands the 12th, so I suppose our kids had to be born on the 4th and 8th...... one in four chance of being born on a number in the four times table... but for four people in the same family !!!!!!!! 4 to the power of four?  And so the odds get longer.

It'll be interesting to see what happens in the next generation.

Okay, so now try and tell me numbers don't have meaning or there isn't a God of Numerology who doesn't love to play with numbers!


To Who/whoms(?) IT May Concern

Thanks for My Gophers and My Flowers!!

You guys ....erm...girls ...fellow nutters...in the padded room next to mine, YOU ROCK!!!




Primeval – Beware Spoilers!!!!

Connor, don’t get in the car!!!!  Someone should tell him that if he’s not careful he’s going to find himself on DS9 and that Bashir has obviously been sent mad by Odo!

Must admit, I thought the whole Ethan/Patrick thing was a bit contrived!  Brothers? Changed name?
But I still enjoyed the ep.  How can you not loved mad Terrorbirds and other assorted dinosaurs.

It was good to see Jenny, even if I secretly hoped it’d be Claudia and we’d done another reality switch.

This series felt as though it was winding up old threads that had been left hanging by the cancellation, but the promise of more to come is going to make it damn interesting.

My other slight whinge – Lester is underutilised. Though it was nice to see that his friendship with Danny was still there.  Lester is brilliant. Under that gruff, you’re all thorns in my side, exterior, he does care about them all, even Connor, he just tries to make sure no-one sees it. But all through the series, where were his quips, comebacks?? Okay, some were there, but I could have done with seing more Lester.

Going to have to go round and see what fanfiction this last ep has kicked out, not that I have a soft spot for Connor in danger or anything, of course.

I’ve also noticed the way Jess has dolled herself up, since she’s saved Becker.  Question is, is it going to turn into another Abby/Connor scenario? Eg. They like each other, but neither side will exactly come out and say anything? Which, unfortunately, is a running theme not only of primeval, but tv shows in general!!!!

Ah well, just have to wait and see for the next season  L


Signs of the Zodiac

So according to this, half my family that were scorpio are now libra??  Very strange!
ConstellationTropical dateSidereal DateIAU Definition
Aries.svgAriesMarch 21 - April 19April 15 - May 15April 17 - May 13
Taurus.svgTaurusApril 20 - May 21May 16 - June 15May 14 - June 19
Gemini.svgGeminiMay 22 - June 22June 16 - July 15June 20 - July 20
Cancer.svgCancerJune 23 - July 22July 16 - August 15July 21 - August 9
Leo.svgLeoJuly 23 - August 22August 16 - September 15August 10 - September 15
Virgo.svgVirgoAugust 23 - September 23September 16 - October 15September 16 - October 30
Libra.svgLibraSeptember 24 - October 23October 16 - November 15October 31 - November 22
Scorpio.svgScorpiusOctober 24 - November 22November 16 - December 15November 23 - November 28
Asclepius staff.svgOphiuchusN/ANovember 29 - December 17
Sagittarius.svgSagittariusNovember 23 - December 21December 16 - January 14December 18 - January 17
Capricorn.svgCapricornDecember 22 - January 20January 15 - February 14January 18 - February 15
Aquarius.svgAquariusJanuary 21 - February 19February 15 - March 14February 16 - March 11
Pisces.svgPiscesFebruary 20 - March 20March 15 - April 14March 12 - April 16

Should Post More!!!

I know I should post here more ......... trouble is, in RL, i'm not that interesting a person.  I'm a Mum, a Daughter, a Wife, a Beta, MMORPG player, poster on Twitter and occasionally facebook ..... I have so many hats to wear ...... except the only hats I have are el cheapo wooley ones  :p  :p 

I'm just basically posting, so this old LJ remembers who i am **pokes LJ page**.  Yep, not dead yet!

New Year resolution perhaps .... post more on LJ ....... nah, I always break resolutions, or forget what they were a week after I made one.

**wanders off again into the mist and disappearing once more**


I have found my next addiction, and it is called Sherlock!!

My thoughts on SherlockCollapse )


I'm still around.....Kinda

It's been ages since i've been here!!!!

**Removes the Dust Covers**

**Cough, Cough**

Um, anyone got a duster?